Who We Are?

In D&G Forwarding we are committed with our clients. Our sole purpose is to respond to our client's need and maintain their trust. D&G Forwarding offers a fast and opportune expedition of merchandises, continuous monitoring of shipments, immediate follow-up of loads, personalized attention plus competitive prices. We are always looking for new ways to supersede our client's expectations and give an added value in our service; therefore we carefully analyze each operation to find the best way to carry it out.

In D&G Forwarding Agency is a specialized company developing and implementing SOLUTIONS for the service of Imports, Exports and International Logistics Operations.
We develop and implement solutions that make you able to focus your efforts in the productive areas of your business, maximizing the performance of your resources through savings in operation costs and achieving an optimal return of your investment.
With our professional team PERSONALIZED ASSISTANCE and with the backup of our World Class service providers, we have achieved multiple successful applications with more than 10 years of EXPERIENCE in the market.