Our Services
Logistics and Transport
We count with transport companies that meet the needs and requirements of all and each one of our clients.
Terrestrial Transport Services door-to-door from Canada, United States and Mexico.
Distribution and Storage
In addition to the wide variety of services that D&G Forwarding, Inc. offers to the public, we also provide consolidation and deconsolidation o merchandises, according to our client's needs.
Shipments Consolidation
As part of our logistics services we offer the consolidation an re-expedition of international merchandises; and by this we allow our users to focus their energy on other tasks.
Documents and Merchandises Preparation
A physical inspection of your merchandises is carried our with a high level of professionalism, in order to comply with customs procedures and requirements and present the necessary documentation.
Customs Broker
Our purpose is to legally comply with all the requirements established by the Mexican Customs Law, including all the regulations and observations as well as those stipulated by international law. To do so, we have state-of-the-art infrastructure and communications and information systems technologies.
International Crossings
Moving from one of the border to the other has always been a task for much consideration, due to all the coordination that is needed for the safe delivery of the merchandises. D&G Forwarding, Inc. has high technology communications systems to respond to any traffic and time changes and be able to offer you the best drayage service.
Loading and Unloading Maneuvers
We handle all you merchandises with the most advanced resources, and complying with all the legal procedures. Our staff has been specially trained to guarantee the safety of your shipments.